Saturday, March 14, 2009

-Bless You-

I love being blessed, don't get me wrong. And boy do I see more and more everyday just how blessed I am, but I am TIRED of hearing it! Mainly just because I have been sneezing up the wahzoo!
My head is congested, my throat is on fire, and yep, you guessed it..this girl is grumpy. I feel exhausted (my own fault..I let Canada get the best of me!) but last night I layed my head on my pillow at oh..say..12:20am and had to wake up at 5:40am, and I woke up at least 4 times!

My mind is on overload with things. Namely; Jesus, Boys, Health(or lack there of), Weight, Friends, Jesus, Love, Family, Jesus, Prayer,"Am I doing the right thing', Relocation thoughts, Jesus, My new(2nd) Job!+all the concerns that come with it, my voice(the fact that I sound like a man right now). You hear me? I need some help in letting this all go.
I also need some prayers for strength, physically yes, but mostly mentally. I need some help to not let negative people bring me down.
On a side note; I got in a somewhat 'argument' last night about religion and spiritual-ness. It felt good to know that I am standing up for what I know is right and not backing down or letting others opinions sway my beliefs. That's right Jesus..shout out to You! You're amazing. I can't wait to 'party' with you for all eternity (as the Res Life Pastor said a couple Sundays ago).

I feel better..thanks for letting me vent :)

Miss you Merr..can't wait to see you!

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