Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Key Packets & Access Codes

I am working at my lovely Hampton Inn today :)

The weather is rainy and kind of dreary outside. We haven't had rain in quite some time, so it's kind of okay that it's raining..kind of. the big event! haha..Saturday was interesting to say the least. I am really glad that I went and experienced a Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament! Not sure if I'll ever go again..but we'll see. :) J, was a nice guy, like I said, no romance or anything, and Saturday just kind of confirmed that, even though we did hold hands on the way to his truck, but it was like holding hands with my best friend M, who is a girl. J, wants to hang out again on Thursday (tomorrow) but I'm not sure..I think I'd rather do laundry! I need to catch up on my housework!

Sunday was so much fun! I went out with my mom, my aunt & her daughter, and another one of my aunts & her was a mother/daughter kind of day!

We went shopping in city called Howell (which..I was a bit nervous to go to..I have some pretty bad memories from there...failed alternator anyone?) and were there for almost 8 hours! I got some good deals (Fathers Day..check...2 friends birthday gifts...check...a little fun something for my brother and SIL..check..) It was nice to have a girls day :)

Monday I got to watch my lovely little perfect niece :) She had an upset tummy..but we had a good time..she's starting to coo and I absolutely adore her..I couldn't be more proud to be her auntie! ps..watching a 2 month old is a lot more work than I thought!

Last night I went out with ML, a guy that I actually dated for about a month, a couple years was nice to catch up with him and hang out. I guess we are going out next week for dinner. That should be fun. Last night was also wonderful because I got to talk to T. I was so dang excited that I couldn't fall asleep for almost 20 minutes after we got off the phone! Yes, I'm really only 16 haha. It was just really nice and I had a lot of fun talking to him. I won't go into too much detail, but I hope it happens again sometime :)

My Pastor is back today ( obviously he is not mine, I do not own him..but he says good morning and asks how I am, and in my eyes that's pretty much the same thing). And he is in the corner of the lobby..just studying away :) I wonder if he knows how much of an inspiration he is?
Part of me feels pulled to go sit down and tell him that I'm glad he's here and that he is an inspiration to me, and ask him for prayers on some serious family issues that came up late last week...but today, I think I will just smile and say Bless You when he sneezes and offer a friendly smile when he looks up :)

ps...I have pretty big hair today, and I'm loving..feeling pretty sassy :)
pss..there is another guy in the lobby that keeps coughing and blowing his nose and it's making me feel alittle sick to my stomach..ugh.

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