Friday, March 27, 2009

Work it Out...

ugh! My patience is gone for the day.

I hate when people do things that they know will backfire and yet I have to pay the consequences!

Whatever...moving on. I am going to work myself out of this mood.

Lets talk about what's going on tonight..I have a couple of options;
I could go hang out with my parents.
I could go out to dinner with J.
I could go out and do something (maybe a movie?) with J
I could go out to dinner with ML.
I could go to ML's birthday house party
I could stay home and clean and do laundry
I could call KC to see if she wants to do something

Maybe I'll do none of the above :) We'll see.

I am still loving my new job! More and More every time I work at my old job.. :)

I can't finish this now..I'll try later.


Kristi said...

I thought you were coming over for dinner with M and C (like how I'm coding as well?). M said he's so hungry because he's been waiting for his PW

Ray said...

I love coding :) tell him that his PW has been missing him! and C's PM misses him too..and wants to take a picture with him for on here!

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