Monday, May 4, 2009


I had the best weekend! It was filled with my closest friends and family.

The Arthritis Walk was a huge hit, I had 38 people on my team walking for me! It was such a blessing to have everyone show their support for me.

To get mushy, for just a second, it meant the world to me to have my brother there. If you know him(or have ever heard me talk about him), he is not a people person like I am, we are complete opposites. He doesn't like big crowds, or doing things that he doesn't know exactly what is going to happen. He just doesn't (hardly ever) step out of his comfort zone. And he did. Twice. For his little sister. He drove 40 minutes to Rockford, was in a huge crowd (he even looked silly and did the stretches), he walked 3 miles (which completely wore him out because he smokes) and was surrounded by people the entire time, and he still had time to goof off with his wife and Baby B (who looked stinkin' cute in the bib her Auntie made her). I thought for sure he would want to get to their truck right away and head home. And instead, they stayed, took an enormous amount of pictures AND went to lunch with pretty much the whole dang team. God is at work in his heart, I can just feel it. okay okay..tearing up...switching subjects.

Speaking of Baby B..

It also meant so much to have one of my best friends there with me, even though she couldn't walk. Luckily JSC has a pretty amazing boyfriend(see below) that pushed her the whole 3 miles in a wheel chair. Thanks ducky, it made my day that much more special to have you there, even though you were freezing. I really really appreciate you and your friendship.

Okay! Seriously!

After the Walk we went to Perkins (not Bob Evans JSC) and had the rudest waitress. But it was still fun and the food was pretty good. I had my cheeseburger and then M's bacon and her pancakes..yum!

L, J, & C coloring at Lunch :)
The whole team :)

O & A being their super cute selves!

Then I got to go home and take a 2 hour nap, let me tell you, that felt good! After that I got dressed for the little gathering of family and friends at K.T. & J.T.'s house! That was so fun, and the cake was so dang good! Probably because it had pink frosting and pink filling. M and I headed downtown to Monte's after a while and had a fuzzy navel..can you say good? seriously. It was good time, plus we met some Random's in the parking lot who took our picture and gave me a dollar because we were celebrating my birthday! awesome.

My beautiful cake!

I heart Presents!
JSC, Me, O, & JV

me, M, & SM

me & M downtown :) love her!

Yesterday I stayed in my PJ's allllllll day. Did laundry and dishes and watched a lot of TV. Plus had all my windows open in my 3 season room, and my front door too! I heart spring, a lot.

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Cassie said...

I would not have missed it for the world!! oh and btw, you ate my bacon, not M's :) Can't wait for next year!!

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