Thursday, May 7, 2009


So today, is alittle slow at I am 'blog bouncing' as I like to call it(starting now), and I found this girl that had a random list of things, and I heart randoms!

{1.} I am 24 years it feels wierd to say that!

{2.} I am excited for my little alone 'adventure' this weekend!

{3.} I have to get my own health insurance by this month!

{4.} I'm scared about that!

{5.} I don't like growing up

{6.} I never thought I'd have to do this by myself.

{7.} I have to 'pop' my left elbow several times a day

{8.} I'm not sure marriage is in my future.

{9.} I think I might be okay with that.

{10.} I think this girl, MH, is awesome for helping me through this blog on gmail chat, thank you!

{11.} I would make a great assistant because I am excellent at anticipating needs

{12.} I am glad that AC will forever remember my birthday because of what happened on it!!(conrats again!)

{13.} Just between Monday and Tuesday, I had already worked 30 hours.

{14.} My friends got me so many amazing gifts for my birthday.

{15.} I heart Jesus.

{16.} Only an hour left of this job today! Woo!

{17.} I feel disconnected to a few certian people lately, and I wish that was different.

{18.} I am going to pray on how to fix this.

{19.} I would like Kristi , JSC, and Angela to send post some randoms too!

ps; Life- live it & love it.

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