Thursday, February 5, 2009

My hair needs a trim

Yesterday, God showed Himself to me through friends.

First, let me say that I am in such a good giddy mood, it's probably because in approximately 16 minutes, I will be getting a Egg, Bacon, Cheese, BAGEL. For those that work with me, you know what a treat this is!

Ok, so back to yesterday. I wouldn't say I was sad, so that's a HUGE blessing right there. But as I was laying down to take a short nap before I went out to dinner with Winnie, my door bell rang, incessantly. So I get up and try to peak out my kitchen window, and I can see the car..but I don't really recognize it. So I go and open the door and there is Melissa! I haven't see here since just after New Years, so it's been quite a while and it was SUCH a nice surprise. She brought me my Christmas Presents (soooo many cute things!) and I got so many was such a blessing to see her.
Then I got to go out to dinner with Winnie, whom I also haven't really seen since New Years, we went to The Rainbow Grille (so good) and we split an order of Onion Rings (the RB has the BEST homemade onion rings) and we each had a banana split, which we each only ate about half of..maybe less(3 giant scoops of ice cream, too much caramel to mention, whip cream, nuts, and 3 cherries!) PLUS 2 cups of pretty darn good pretty darn dirty coffee that was nice. haha
After that I dropped by to see my parents and have coffee with them (add 2 more 2 from work earlier in the day) and I got a text from my friend K, and she just wanted to tell me she was thinking about me and praying for me.

Can we say, what an unbelievably great day!?

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