Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm sorry..last I recall I was living in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN..ya know..the place where it snowed like a gazillion inches twice last week! Then on Saturday it was 58 blooming degrees outside! umm..WTF???? It's still December! I can't wait until all the ruckus starts with Global Warming!

I don't exactly have a topic to blog about today, but I wanted to keep up on my blogging, since Kristi, although is not a follower of mine, says she checks it often. So K-dizzle..I want proof! So when you read this, tell me something like Papa Bear and Pumpkin Donuts! :) I expect to hear something with in have been warned :)

Plus my bff just sarted a blog! Hay JSC!'s an inside thing!

What else what else what else?!!?!?!

Maybe I should do some work..and then maybe I'll think of something to actually blog about :)

ps.. Remember, God is smarter than you. :)


Kristi said...

How is this fair? I always comment on your blog but you never comment on mine? It makes Papa Bear soooo sad but pumpkin donuts make him soooo happy. So happy he could ... well nevermind :)

Ray said...

Gross Kris..haha

Yours Truly said...

I do not even KNOW what you two crazies are talkin' about but it sounds freak nasty! lol

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