Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ha Winnie! Beat ya!

So tonight was quite the adventure!

Winnie was SUCH a good friend and even though she doesnt like going out to bars/clubs she was said she would for me because I had no one else to go with. Thanks again! Anyway, she said she'd go with me down to Monte's to see my friend Seth whom I havent see in a while and he wanted to introduce me to his new girlfriend. So we get ready and I wear THE MOST impractical shoes for this time of year..they are from Aldo they have a pointy toe and just a little strappy thing on the top and no sides..oh and NO grip for the 23432309842039 inches of snow that is falling outside. And of course there is no good parking so we had to walk like 4 blocks..not cool, and I didnt want to carry my purse, so I just brought cash, my ID and my camera. Then we get up there and there is a HUGE line! like 20ish people deep..and it is NOT moving! so we waited 15 or so minutes and decided to leave because it was freezing. and then Winnie went and got the car so I didnt have to walk all the way back..shes so great!
But then there is this Guy..and we went to school together, and because of the lovely F@cebook, we have been emailing back and forth, and he saw my pictures of all of the Christmas cookies I had made..294 to be exact! so I found out where he lived and brought him some cookies and got to meet him face to face :) He was super nice. And he even sent me a cute text to let me know how good the cookies were.

Another big thing that happened tonight is that Winnie and I have decided(rather I wanted to and she just agreed because shes so easy going) to say noodles instead of goodbye. I wanted to put this in here, so in 20 years from now, when our kids ask why we say that, or when did we start saying that, we'll know it's because cooking noodles in my specialty :)

ok, I am off to bed, or sleep rather, because I am already in bed.


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Cassie said...

You did beat me!! by a long shot!! Love you girl!!

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