Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I think this is what I want. I think.

I think I am going to finally feel single. Im not sure though. Honestly, if he were to walk in my front door..I can't say that I wouldn't melt right back into his arms and be happy there forever. I can't say that at all. But chances are pretty good that he won't do that. And I need to move on. It's funny because sometimes, I am still angry at him. I am more angry at myself, for not standing up more for what I wanted at the time. Now, I am just trying to stand on my own.

I have been inspired by Angela, hence the title of my post :) to reveal my life of my new found single-ness and how God is writing my love story.

Living by the name of my blog won't be easy..since Im a planner..but we'll see how this goes!


Yours Truly said...

are you talkin' about me in this? lol

Ray said...

Yes! You are an inspiration!

Yours Truly said...

SWEET! What did I inspire you to do, though? (confused..lol)

Ray said...

Blog more about my everyday, not just about when Im pissed and need to vent.

That way, when I look back and read these, I can see that I wasn't ALWAYS in a bitchy mood, but I had some happy in there too!

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