Monday, September 3, 2007

I wish I was more creative...I wish had more to write about...

but lets face it..I'm kind of boring.

The Basics:

I'm a 5"7', 121lbs, 22 year old female who found out she had rheumatoid arthritis in 2nd grade.

I work the front desk at a hotel pretty much full time and attend the local community college full time.

I live at home with my parents.

I'm okay with living at home with my parents.

I've never had the misfortune of someone close to me passing away.

I have just one boy who..whether he knows it or not..has a very large part of me.

I have four best friends.

I am not a fan of the 'bar scene'

I do not drink alcohol regularly.

I do not smoke.

I've never gone sky diving..never swam with a dolphin...have never been out of the country for some glorious vacation or some wonderful missions trip.

And for now...that is just fine with me :)

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Kristi said...

At least you are writing. You are a step ahead of me.

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