Thursday, September 6, 2007


So here I am!! sitting at my desk, after sleeping until 7am and just getting done with my hour lunch. Yes, I'm loving it.

True, I wish I would have brought a book..or some homework..and a blanket. But really..this is great.
I'm helping out a friend of the family today and tomorrow by working at his insurance agency..all I have to do is answer the phone, kinda field it a little, and pass it through to the only other worker here...who is a guy about my age and is actually fun to talk to..I even got a name of a new artist that has good music as far as a few snipits go.

After work today I have my Issues in Business Ethics class at 5:45, it's going to be a little tight getting there..but we'll see. I'm kind of excited about the class to be honest..I hope we get to write papers and stuff.
Speaking of class and has been one crazy week. This week I'll be working about 45 12 credit hours at online class..eye specialist appointment..where I found out I'll need to have a minor surgery on my trying to plan a trip to Chicago next weekend. H.E.C.T.I.C. but the week sure has flown by.

It's kind of sad though..I havent seen Melissa once this week..I havent seen Stephen since Monday..I see my parents for about 20 minutes a day...and Im just tired..Im still trying to get over my 'allergies' (whatever) And I do love being this busy...but I miss my favorite boy and girl. And coffee...LORD do I miss's only been about 3 days but MAN can I feel the lack of caffiene..Im still drinking pop and stuff...but only clear pop..because Im trying to whiten my teeth a smidge before Chicago..and Im gonna TRY to go tanning..atleast I'll be able to lay down and relax there right? It's funny...Stephen and Melissa would bend their schedules (with in reason) anyway they could so we could hang out...but then there are other people...other 'friends' who are only going to be here for a short time and have made promises...but don't return phone calls or emails. You wouldnt believe how unimportant it can make one feel..BUT...I won't wait around...I have too many good people in my life to be brought down for someone who has changed..for the worse.
I'm hungry too, and Im going to have to wait until after class to eat..that'll be about 9pm tonight..and lets see..yep I had a bowl of rice krispies at about 8 and then 2 poptarts...thats it. but tomorrow..Aaron is gonna go get us lunch from somewhere that's exciting.
But I digress...I have a task at hand...I need to look up some claims(how fun is that?!)

ps-coffee sounds good...gosh I miss it.

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