Saturday, August 25, 2007

My First Dedication

To Kristi:

While yes, you are one of my best friends and you are pregnant with my very first niece or nephew(OK not really..but i don't care..I'm aunty Rachel) are still my boss. And I felt it necessary at 9:33pm on a Saturday night, to let you know how DAMN proud of myself I am. Lets go through the reasons..hopefully you agree.

First; I have not ONCE bitched out loud to anybody today about how annoyed I am that I'm working on a Saturday Night and missed the Metro Cruise on 28Th st, because hey, I got to sleep in until 11 this morning when Stephen woke me up..not bad.

B.) Although I no..loath working by you know..I still smiled and wished Amber well when she left at 5:50 this evening to go to a barbecue.

3- As you now know I'm working by myself....I have yet to sit in the back except for exactly 3 minutes while I ate my snack of string cheese (I brought 4 everyone could have one). I have stepped around the corner occasionally to take sips of my diet caffeine free orange Sunkist (trying to sympathize with those headaches you've been having) and then for another moment when I was making my crystal light drink mixture. and THAT'S IT!! Granted...I have the stool from the kitchen (which I got BEFORE Amber left) but still....

I'm usual. but I've accepted it..maybe I'll pace for a while. Get that blood flowing. or maybe I'll put up the 'clerk will return promptly' sign, grab the night phone and sit in the hot tub in my under garments and warm up..sounds like a plan.

I miss working with you.
Love you Mama Bear :)

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Kristi said...

Thanks Rachel (or Aunt Ray Ray :))

I feel so honored to have a special post dedicated just to me and Wayne :)

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