Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I'm sick.
And it sucks.
It's my fault.

You know how sometimes you know whats best for you..but you say screw it because you wanna have fun anyway?

yeah..that was this weekend for me.

I know I need rest more than other people..but I decided to sleep out in Grand Haven on Stephens parents boat on Friday and Saturday night..great boat..comfortable and everything..but I didn't get as much sleep as I should have because Stephen and I were having fun with Ian and Aubree and his parents..on Friday night we went to this concert of oldies and it was SO much fun..we even went and danced for a couple songs..then went to the carnival and walked around a little bit...then watched a movie on the boat..now granted it was pretty warm outside..and we had spent the whole day on the lake..swimming and laying out and playing football(yes even me) and I think I was pretty tired..but everyone else was warm(not unusual for me to NOT be warm) so they turned the air on in the boat..and it was probably only 70..but I was FREEZING! I had on all the shirts I brought and shorts and 3 blankets and was CHILLY..so Stephen...being the wonderful guy he is..gave me extra pants and I eventually warmed up..and got about 5 hours of sleep.

Then Saturday went out for breakfast with everyone and hung out for alittle bit and Aub and I went to Michigans Adventure with my parents for my dads work party..it was actually perfect "Michigans Adventure weather' but the place was PACKED..we did lots of walking and lots of waiting..and after eating the supplied lunch (hot dog and macaroni salad and ice cream..which was all great) my stomach felt a little bit off...so we hung out in the wave pool for a little bit and headed back to Grand Haven..FINALLY got a shower..in the Marina bathroom(don't recommend it unless necessary) and felt somewhat better...then we went and layed around with the boys on the top deck..went and got some Lamb Pita's with extra fetta (yum!!) and another funnel cake..mmm! and hung out with Stephens family until it was fireworks time!! and OOOOOOooo MY Gosh!! amazing doesnt even describe it..(Im not a fireworks fanatic or anything..I enjoy the 4th..but dont mind only seeing them once a year) BUT they really did go all out this year..because it was the last of the 10 year grant..I shook a couple of times because the boom was so loud! It was so fun and romantic all at the same time...being all cuddled up in a blanket with him...plus having great friends around us too...it was great. I was planning on going home about an hour after the fireworks...after the traffic had died down a little..HAHA! I got so tired after just laying around waiting that I was aloud to drive home :) So when we went to move my car which was just accross the street..the traffic was STILL horrible...Coastguard amazes me...really. So saturday night I got my own room(no more couch for me!) and I slept SO good and was SO warm! I could barely make it up the stairs from Stephens room after SNL..but I managed and dont remember my head hitting the pillow..and I slept until 10 or so..and then dozed until about 11..then we packed up and headed out :) but even then..my throat..was sore..and my glands..were swollen..damnit.

So now..I can still feel it a little..and I could go out and stuff..but then I would just end up getting strep or something and be out for 2 weeks..so instead I'll just take a few slow days and get back up there :) Plus I have Lasgna to make!! A pan for Tara and Nate...a pan for my family (John and Courtney included) and a pan for Stephen and his parents....AND I get to pick classes on THursday morning..so i have my first and second choices of schedules all picked out too..and man..I need to finish hanging stuff on my walls!!

ps...Chris comes home in under 3 weeks! and I get one night all to myself with him! Best Friends reunited!!

ooh..which reminds me..Ill have to post about other 'friends' later :)

but I should go to bed..its back to work tomorrow after 5 days off...I remember when I was actually excited about work...wow was that a long time ago...


ps-Im not single :o)

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