Thursday, August 16, 2007

STILL sick


let me just say first that I havent been sick since February...and I remember that because my dr. asked me if I was going to get proposed to on valentines day, ha...ha.....anyway..Ive been very blessed with my health these past however many months. There was a time where I was sick every 6 weeks with strep or tonsilitis.

NOW..the dr said I have acute tonsilitis...he did a second throat culture(my personal fav thing) and sent it out..should have called me back today but didnt..yes yes Im calling tomorrow...but I know have been on my antibiotic (Amoxicillin) for a FULL 3 days..and while the swelling of my GENORMOUS tonsils went down, I still cant eat with out feeling like Im going to throw still hurts everyDAMN time I head..neck..and back throb..and Im just freaking tired. I feel exhausted..I havent done a damn this since I left work on Saturday.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night I MAYBE got 4 hours of sleep at a time..with staying up like 3 hours in between 'sleeps' I just couldnt get comfortable enough to relax to sleep.

but today..I sleep until 12:15..when Stephen woke me up with a cute text..perfect to wake up to. then I dozed until about 1...and then pouted around the house because Im lonely...I understand that people dont wanna get sick..but it still sucks...I miss people!!..Im tired of my room...but ironically..its the only place I wanna be...I'll be upstairs getting yet another drink and its RIGHT back down to my room.

But now I cant sleep...Im tired as hell...but can't now Im watching ellen(anyone else think she has put on some weight?) and drinking my diet sunkist orange soda. Slightly pissed. I have to work tomorrow and I dont know how Im gonna do it...Im wondering if I should be checked for mono....a couple people that I have talked to have said the same thing...what a way to spend the last of my summer days...

Not only that but what about work? not only do I not have any paid vacation days left...but Tara is off and Merr and John are going back to school soon..I feel like scheduling is SO tight and I dont wanna be difficult. ugh.

ok well my head is pounding so bad that my eye is starting to twitch and its getting hard to focus.

whatever. goodnight

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