Saturday, October 3, 2009

With drawls..

I am on blogger! At work!

I have been having some serious with drawls of blogging lately. Especially since deleting my facebook. {gasp!} I know, sounds like absolute craziness to do that, but it's the right thing for right now :)

I have spent a lot of time in prayer for the past couple weeks. Actually, at first, I knew I should be praying, but I knew I wasn't going to want to hear with Someone was about to tell me. So I put it off, because, well, I'm human, and sometimes I just want what I want, my conscience be damned. However, these things have a way of catching up with you.
Sometimes, I have a pity party, because of my arthritis. And so I just decide to push it to the back of my mind and not take care of myself. Then I end up getting sick and have LOTS of time to think about how if I would have just stayed on the 'right' path, I would be healthy right now and not missing out on things. And as my PB pointed out the other night, things could be a lot worse.
I need to toughen up a little bit.
Which will not be easy, I have been spoiled by pretty much everyone in my life. So I've gotten "soft", as a certain PB let me know. I definitely want to "remain me' as cheesy as that sounds. But since I don't feel like God has told me it's time to settle down and get married anytime soon, I need to be able to handle things on my own. Especially because I have really felt the pull from Him to move away from home for a little while at least, hopefully with the Arthritis Foundation.(another post to come on that!)So really need to figure out how to let more things roll off my back, and to not let myself get down on things I can't control.
That's a lot to accomplish! Good thing I'm not alone. :)

Moving on..I really hope blogger keeps letting me log in at work!
I feel like there is more to say, ohwell :)

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