Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lots to say!

I have sooooooo much to say, and my fingers just won't type fast enough to get it all out quickly!!
Yesterday I spent the entire day(from 7am-9:30pm) on the east side of the state!! {ie; hopefully my new home someday!}

I had a meeting/conference call with *The Arthritis Foundation*! I had never been to their office in Troy, so I was pretty excited. I got to see a couple of the ladies from Camp Dakota {a camp for kids with arthritis} and I got to meet the new development manager and brainstorm on fundraising and volunteer idea's! It was a great experience and I can't wait until December for the Jingle Bell Run{S}.

It's going to be so fun! I still gotta find some silly outfits though :)

After I left Troy, I stopped in Lansing to see my PB ! He took a half day so we could hang out for a while, such a nice guy. We chatted and chatted, then we decided to watch a movie. He let me pick. Eagle Eye. SUCH a good movie :) I haven't been able to watch a suspenseful movie like that in such a long time!! None of the guys I hang out with like to watch scary movies. And since I live alone, I don't really like to watch them by myself because {Hello my name is Rachel, and I have a problem..} I tend to 'hear' things and freak myself out after watching scary movies. Plus, while watching them, I tend to be a little jumpy{at every loud noise in the movie} and that tends to irritate people. Not my PB though :) He even rubbed my back for 20 minutes because I had told him earlier in the week how bad it had been hurting. Man did it feel better after that! :) He even gave me a shirt to wear since I was in my 'cute work' clothes and those are umcomfy to watch a movie in, as I was putting my coat on {yes over his shirt, I sure did wear it home! haha} he hugs me and goes; 'want me to walk you to your car?' I laughed so hard and definitely took him up on his offer, my car was all the way around the corner after all :) He laughs at me being so girly, he likes it though, I just know it!

I suppose that's all for now. Thanks to Cassie for posting this for me, since once again blogger doesn't work at work :( Le Bum

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