Friday, September 18, 2009

hello stranger!

So I am getting super frustrated with at work. Its been close to a month since I've been able to access the site and vent or gush or anything!

I have had a very busy summer! Between New York twice, camp, going to the Youp, taking day trips, and trying to work a little here and there haha.
Next weekend (the 26th) Jen, Kelly, and I are going to Detroit for the night..just because! I love nights like that!

I have been wanting to blog about my 2nd trip to New York, like I did the first time. but it was quite different this time, for one, I was there for 3 more days than the first time. And two, we did lots of different things. But I'll save that for another time, maybe. It's almost so special that I don't want to share it with anyone :)

Lets see, oh! I am actually typing this out at work, in an e-mail, saving it as a draft..then copy and pasting it into blogger.

I'm not sure how many of you follow the blog ....if you don't you should. When I first started reading, it almost depressed me. okay, not did. So I had to stop reading for a while, but the more I thought about it, it's such a great blog. Matt is hilarious and I look forward to his updates. He is having a charity event tomorrow actually in MN and since I couldnt go, I donated and got a shirt! It was fun to get a package in the mail :)

*Random*- When I was 20, then guy that I had been dating for almost a year and I decided to take a 'break' {whatever that means when you're not official..but whatever...} and I met this other guy, SV, and we hit it off, and he was the first {and only} guy to ask me to be his was so cute. He would come pick me up, wanted to meet my whole family, wanted to hang out with his and my friends, want take me out on dates, would bring me lunch at work... he was pretty darn great, except he smoked. Anyway, that lasted about a month haha, and then I got back together with the first guy {stupid!} And I maybe saw him 4 times since then, once just a couple months ago, I went over to his new house to catch up, and it was nice. So today, as Im working I hear the doors open and I look up, and there he is! He is on his college's bowling team and they practice at an ally near my work. And he says he passes by my work every week day and sees my car, and today he felt like stopping in to see me! It was nice, so we chatted for a few minutes, then wanted me to walk him out to his car. So I did. And we talked, and he wanted a hug, and said if it was okay he'd stop into see me again sometime.
That was a nice surprise :) And man, is he cute. Short, but cute. haha

Okay, have a good day!

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