Thursday, July 2, 2009

BitterSweet ;


both bitter and sweet to the taste: bittersweet chocolate.
both pleasant and painful or regretful: a bittersweet memory.

Bitter is the feeling of driving 10 hours alone, back to my house, back to my life, back to a time with out him.

Bitter is the feeling of knowing that I have never be treated as well by any other man, than him.

Bitter is the feeling at my heart, knowing that I may never get to feel those feelings ever again.

Bitter, is the feeling of the battle I am fighting with myself, because I had convinced myself that this would not happen.

Sweet, however...

Sweet, is the feeling of his hand on the small of my back after he holds the door open for me as we walk into a restaurant.

Sweet, is the feeling of his breath on my lips, his hand buried in my hair, and pulling me closer...

Sweet, is the feeling of his hand on my knee, as we wait for the light to turn green

Sweet is the feeling that I have as he kisses my hands and makes me forget about every insecurity I've ever felt..

Sweet is the feeling I have when we're out to lunch, holding hands across the table, and I see an older woman looking at us, and then looks at her husband grabs his hand, and then winks at me with an understanding...

Sweet is the feeling that I hold on to each morning, when I want to get in my car, and drive 10 hours to do it all over again...

Sweet is, knowing that God was in this, and that He made it worth it..

Sweet is...

...this man.


Yours Truly said...

Ahhh I LOVE IT! Reminds me of some posts I used to make about a year ago :)

Ray said...

You were my writing style inspiration! :)

Kristi said...

I love it and you. I miss you!

Ray said...

Ditto Mama!

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