Thursday, July 23, 2009


I know there will be atleast one person, who will not be happy to hear what I am about to say...
But, that's life :) haha.

I had a really really nice conversation with someone on Sunday. Like, a 6 hour nice conversation, filled with prayer and honesty, forgiveness, and kindness.

It was unexpected, but I feel so much peace right now.

This person has been raised in a Christian home, has excellent inspirational leaders all around them, and he too, feels alone sometimes(boy, did that make me feel better. This man has always been able to make me feel physically attractive. But on Sunday, he made me feel beautiful spiritually. We talked about how different our lives are, because of our 'spiritual' support systems. And how, I have no one to lean on, look up to. And he has many people. But then he said how, maybe even soon, I will be much stronger, spiritually, than he is, because I have no choice but to lean on The Lord, where he still makes the mistake of leaning on his family sometimes, when he should be looking to Jesus. Wow, has he grown up lately. It was our first 'real' talk I think we've ever had in the 6-ish years that I have known him.

And, it's a little scary, because his name is Stephen.

Yes, Mama, I know how you feel about this...but I'm just not sure yet...

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