Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hypothetical, of course.

Did you ever have an event that happened in your life that, in that moment, you can't imagine being anywhere else or do anything else, than just that? Even though you know it's probably not a good idea to be doing that thing?

And then, weeks after, that's all you can think about, still? And it drives you crazy? And you want nothing more than to go back and do that same thing you were doing, in that same place? Though sometimes when you look back, if you hadn't done what you were doing, you wouldn't know what you're missing now? And maybe you wouldn't be feeling the feelings your feeling?

But the more you think about it, over and over, you can finally decide. How completely and definitely you know...

it was worth it.


Yours Truly said...

Yes. That, my friend, is called a "one night stand". :)

Ray said...

Angela!!! are *assuming* that I'm talking about a boy...

and besdies..we didn't even kiss :) yes..I am that innocent :)

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