Friday, June 19, 2009

Weeks jumbled into 1

I have LOTS of things to say, so let's get down to it;

There is this blog that I have been reading. this amazing writer, with the most incredibly sad story. And while, I'm almost addicted, I feel I've found the reason for my funk the past couple of days, well part of the reason. While I don't want to go into that because I am already getting tears in my eyes, and sniffing like my deviated septum surgery went way wrong and now I am having blood clots run down my throat... I will explain some other reasons.

I have been having some major body issues for the past hmm..umm..well week-ish. I hate body issues. H.A.T.E.

Usually....I am pretty satisfied with how I look {cost enough to anyway haha} especially if I wear blue lately with my darker hair, I don't duck when I'm passing a mirror if you catch my drift.

But lately, inside and out..not a big fan. That's neither here nor there. I'll try to think of something else to write about, not dwell on the negative stuff in my life..whoa who's mature? {totally rhetorical..cause it's me!}

I don't think TD reads this anymore, so I think I'm safe to post about my little adventure of going to visit him in New York next week. I am beyond excited about this, for a number of reasons;
First, I get to see him! That in itself is a reason for a road trip.
Second, I am driving, by myself to New York . crazy! But so dang exhilarating. I am doing some major {in my eyes anyway} by myself! Stay tuned on how it goes. As of right now, I plan on staying in West Lake on Wednesday Night, and then going from there to my final destination on Thursday. But after driving for almost 6 hours on Wednesday..hopefully I'll have some {or maybe just one?} fun stories from the road. This is coming at the perfect time too ,because I definitely need a break from people. Certain people that I shouldn't talk to or see for a while...this kind of forces me, in a good way, to do that.

I also want to send up a quick prayer for the rain to stop in time for my PBs sisters wedding tomorrow..I've heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck for the marriage..but I think brides might have a hard time believing that when they are in their white dress and want outside pictures :)

I can't believe all this rain that we are getting today. It woke me up 3 times this morning {around 2:30 I think} and it's pouring again now. {1:38pm} and I sure hope I have time to take a nap after I get home and before I go to my other job. And I really really hope that the mall isn't busy tonight. I am not in the mood for people. I am in the wrong business for sure haha.

Stay dry if your in G.R.!

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