Saturday, July 14, 2007


I feel stuck.

*I feel stuck at the Community College..Im not excited about college anymore..
*I feel stuck at a job a I feel mediocre about...but with people I love, that's why I stay.
*I feel stuck with certian friends sometimes..not pushing me to be a better I try to with them.
*I feel stuck in a crippled body. ...I want to go and experience more things..but afraid I'll get hurt. physically.

I'm blessed...I have parents who love me with all their heart, an older brother who would still do anything for me...I have some amazing friends..Melissa, Jessie, Chris, Kristi, Tara...who are always there to talk if I need to...I have an amazing man in my life..who continues to astonish me more each day and makes me feel truly special...I have Jesus..who is teaching my forgiveness of not only for others, but for myself too.

I'm a lucky girl really..I just feel Im ready for something...NEW..something to switch things make me grow..and there is really only 1 person that can do that for me..and that's myself. And now that I'm aware..I just need to figure it out and dive in..its exciting and scarey all at the same time..I'll keep you posted.

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