Thursday, April 2, 2009


That's right! I am getting so many more donations than I's so amazing!

I have added 2 sponsors THIS MORNING! That's right..saleswoman Rachel here ;o) haha.

I had just a productive morning was so nice to sleep in until 8:42am and then got to work! I called around to a couple of different places to get my shirts made, and found an awesome deal..with a couple of guys that I went to high school with! It's just a great day!!

I don't even mind that I am scheduled to work 3pm-11pm today, mainly because it is SO SLOW at the H.I. that my ass will be out of here by 7:30 at the very latest! That's only 3 1/2 hours away!

I still can't decided on colors for the shirts and writing. I know I don't want to do a bright green with blue writing, not because that won't look good, because I know it does, but because JSC used that for the ALS walk we did in October! So I wanted to do something different!

What about orange with navy writing?
Or red with grey writing?
I feel like yellow washes me out, but I could go tanning and do something fun with bright yellow.

I need suggestions!

Ok, I am off to get my work done so I can get OUT OF HERE!

Have a nice day :)


Cassie said...

I kind of like the red and gray idea myself!! Let me know if you need any help with anything! This walk is going to rock!

Kristi said...

What about a cool deep turquoise with either red letters or orange letters or brown letters or white letters or yellow letters. Shall I go on? :)

If you don't like that idea, I'll keep thinking but quite frankly I don't know how you could NOT not like those ideas :)

Ray said...

Mama-Court and I were just talking about the teal color!!

I think that's what we're going with..maybe yellow letters..we'll see!

Areyou joining me?!

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