Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm working with Tara today. We're having a good time. I miss working at the hotel sometimes. I miss people and my girls and talking about nothing at all...or just whatever is going on at the time. I actually feel happy to come to work at the hotel now. My new 'fabulous' job hasnt turned out quite the way I had thought. Yes, my hours are amazing, and yes it could be a TON worse.

I feel like there is SO much I want to the same time..I dont want to blog at all.

Sometimes I think I am SO beyond ready to be 'grown up' and married and wanting to have a family of my own. I want that feeling of a baby kicking..of having dinner ready and the laundry done when my husband gets home. Or even hearing the word 'mama' for the first time..

Then the other times..Im like..NO WAY. I am ONLY 22..I have lots of SINGLE non-parenthood life to live yet! I want to finish school..go on a trip or 2...idk..

Maybe its because Kristi just had Colin..and Tara is glowing with pregnancy and thats what makes me want those same kind of warm fuzzies.

Doesnt matter..Im single, trying to do my own thing..and thats good.

strangest post ever.

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