Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hello Old Friend seems that this is the busy time of year for most everybody....Ive noticed from the lack of blogging from Kristi and Angela. tsk tsk ladies.

I'm here to complain today. About my damn Wii. Im quite obsessed and because of that, Im quite sore, if you only knew the amount of pain my upper back is in just by typing you'd be in amazement..but it's because I went fishing last night, for quite some hours, Im addicted. Hello, my name is Rachel and I have a problem.

Im also guilty of having QUITE the crush on Kristis little brother Tim. You see, he is one of the NICEST boys EVER. At first he was quite patient with my lack of knowledge about buying a Wii and using one, and then, 3 days later, he was quite tolerant of all of my dumb questions surrounding the wii, when I had to get a 2nd controller, alas Tim..Im sure our relationship is not quite over as I hope we meet again..haha. Such a nice boy is hard to come by in these here parts of Michigans 2nd largest he has an added bonus of coming with the 'baggage' of Kristi and Merridith, 2 of my favorite people.

Plus, I am going to be an Aunt in February. Im excited.

Work is SSSLLLOOOOWWW..................................................and I hate it when it's slow.

I got a new job! I am pretty freaking STOKED! You are now looking at(reading from) the Office Manager in training of United Insurance Services :) It's about time I get a grown up job. I think it'll make it easier to go to school now, 1. Im about a block away, and 2nd maybe it'll show me what Im ACTUALLY going to school FOR. who knows..but keep your fingers crossed for me.

Give me one Reason to Stay here is playing at work right now. Cute.

I'm feeling kinda antsy, so at the risk of sounding stupid by starting random statements..(haha) I'll wish everyone a LOVELY day..I hope snow comes soon!!

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