Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Expectations. . .

I have very high expectations for the people in my life. I consider myself to be a pretty good friend..I try to always be there if someone needs help...or if someone just needs to talk. I always try to brighten the dayof those who matter most to me.

I expect my friends to do the same.

Sometimes I feel it's very easy to push my friendship aside. I think my friends think that Im just always going to be there, that I am a push-over. It hurts. And Im afraid its going to turn me into a bitch.

Lately its kind of like Ive lost the friendship of a couple of very important people in my life, and it is because I kind of just gave up. Im to the point where I can only try for so long, and leave so many voicemails and messages and then I can't do it anymore. I cant give and give and give with out getting anything in return. I'm too worn out. . . it's sad that I am only 22 and already feel burnt out on putting myself out there.

Im done wanting people in my life that dont want to be there. Id rather be alone.

All I need is Jesus and His love..and I have that. So I dont need anything else. He always lives up to my expectations and is ALWAYS there for me. Amen.

Ive kind of just made myself sad again..ha..so I guess I'll end this blog now.

Have a good day everyone and God Bless!

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Kristi said...

Rae :),

I feel the same way you do. It's hard sometimes to keep putting yourself out there over and over only to feel you aren't getting the same treatment. Friendship is a two way street and it's hard being the only one on the street sometimes. Keep trying but don't be afraid to give up at some point. You physically can't keep it up forever.

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