Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

This weather can seriously kiss my butt.

It's gloomy and kind of raining, but not really..so its like a mist, a nasty cold unwanted mist. It makes me achey and limp. I'm annoyed by the weather.

The more I think about it..October is a VERY busy month for me!
October 3 is Erins birthday
October 4 is Sara and Steves Wedding
October 7 is Courtneys Birthday
October 10 is my Grandma's Birthday
October 11 is the ALS walk with Cassie for her Dad
October 17 is my cousin Alisons birthday
October 18 is the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Apple Picking, and Girls Night
October 21 is Cassies Birthday
Then obviously Halloween, but I am working so that's not too big of a deal.

I also start my Badminton Class October 23!!

I am pretty sure that my grandparents anniversary is in there somewhere too. I think on the 7th?

I could even have a niece still in October, hopefully not...but if Courtney doesn't start feeling better, it's a possibility!

Hopefully November will be a little bit of a better month..not as busy. I miss my friends! I havent seen Melissa in a couple weeks..I havent seen Cassie in even longer and I am almost forgetting what Erin looks like! It's a good thing I dont have a boyfriend :) atleast thats what I keep telling myself..

I guess thats all for now

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